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Caterpillar 1 (1-2 year olds)

The caterpillar room is a busy room where children learn to walk, and talk and interact with children their own age. The ratio for this age group is 1:5.

The children in this group enjoy free play, garden play, messy play & dressing up. They also love stories and songs. At this age the children love to explore their environment both indoors and outdoors.

Caterpillar 2 (2-3 year olds)

At this age the children really enjoy to do such things as imaginative play; dressing up, playing shop with their little trolleys and food, in the home corner area, visiting the doctor, cooking dinner or taking their dolls in buggies for walks. This age group enjoy acting out and imitate what they see, and hear, in order to understand the world in which they live. This age group also enjoys circle time where they all sit around in a circle and sing songs, read stories. We also work on flash cards to learn our colours, shapes and animals. We start to do some early Montessori work such as pouring & spooning, threading and Colouring.
Caterpillar 2 children love to go to the garden to run, climb and have fun. 
The ratio of staff to children in this age group is 1:6.