Jigsaw Day Nursery
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All babies are cared for in our specially designed baby room. The ratio for the babies is 1:3 allowing us to provide the personal level of attention that all babies require at this stage.

The babies enjoy activities such as baby massage, music, story time, physical activities, garden play, messy play, & general free play where they learn and practice mobility, where they explore their environment in a safe way.

Prior to starting at Jigsaw, You and your baby/child will have a week to settle in with us. This is a very important process and is taken very slowly: for example on Monday you & your child will come and spend an hour chatting with the senior of the room about your child’s routine, likes & dislikes. On Tuesday you will come and leave your child with us for 30-40 minutes and every day we build this up so by the end of the week your baby/child has slept, eaten and played at nursery while you have also been getting to know all the staff in the room. 
Ladybird Room (Babies from 6 months to 1 year)