Jigsaw Day Nursery
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Safety and Security

We incorporate extensive safety and security features in the design of our centers and have rigorous procedures in place, to ensure that your child is kept safe in our care.
    Monitored, child-proof doors, controlled entry and exit points, and intercom systems, to help ensure that no   person can enter or leave our premises without the full consent of our staff.
    A detailed registration form to ensure that strict procedures are in place for other family members and friends you may wish to nominate to collect your child.
    All rooms designed with safety in mind, using features such as elevated door handles, sockets and switches.  Each centre is equipped with multiple first-aid kits.
    Comprehensive records on-site for every child in our care, including a full medical history.
    A daily record system covering attendance, meals, sleeping patterns, activities, incidents, accidents, nappy-changes, sickness, medicine administration, and many more areas, to help you and the health board to monitor our standards.
    Very high standards of hygiene and maintenance to ensure a safe, clean environment for your child.  

Admissions Policy
It is our intention to make the Nursery accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. In order to accomplish this we will:

    Ensure that the existence of the Nursery is widely known in the local area.

    Welcome all families regardless to cultural, ethnic, religious or social group, with or without disabilities.

    Children with siblings already attending the Nursery will have priority.

    Arrange our waiting list on a first come basis in an age and room appropriate order.

   Minimum attendance 5 mornings/5 afternoons or 3 full days

    For ECCE admissions, children requiring 5 mornings will be given priority

    For children doing full time under ECCE that wish to reduce their hours to part time, this will be facilitated in the morning rooms (Williamstown nursery)

   Once a space is booked and hours agreed , if at a later date you wish to increase or decrease these hours , we cannot guarantee that we will be able
     to acccomodate changes.

    Make all our policies and procedures available for all to read.

    At Jigsaw, we will do all to accommodate children with additional needs. In order for this to work for the child, the parents and the staff, we do require the parents to communicate with the staff regarding any diagnosis their child may have and any additional help they are receiving outside the nursery.

    At Jigsaw we follow the HSE staff to child ratios. We do not provide a one to one service for children in any of our age groups.
    Note re: Williamstown building:
All our pre-school classes, after-school and summer camps, are run on the upper level and is reached by stairs. There is no lift in the building.
Weather permitting, all children spend some time in the garden each day which will be accessed by the stairs from the upstairs rooms.There is a stair lift in place on the stairs.
In the case of an emergency, any child with mobility issues will have an evacuation plan put in place for them and agreed with their parents and management. The details of which will be forwarded to the fire officer for approval.
    Jigsaw reserves the right to alter or amend its admissions policy from time to time and will use its reasonable endeavours to inform interested parties of any amendments.
    Jigsaw may call for the disenrollment of any child if Jigsaw believes that such disenrollment is in the best interest of the child and the nursery.